Tsinghua Workshop in Macroeconomics 2017
June 16 - 18, 2017, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China
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Tsinghua Workshop in Macroeconomics 2015

May 20 - 22, 2015
SEM, Tsinghua University

Venue: Room 418, Shunde Building, SEM


Keynote Speakers: Chris Sims and Harld Uhlig



Wednesday, May 20   

8:20-8:40           Registration
8:40-8:45           Opening Remark


Morning session:

8:45-9:45       Benjamin Pugsley (Federal Reserve Bank of New York), Aysegul Sahin (Federal Reserve Bank of New York):

                           "Grown-up business cycles"


9:45-10:45     Andrea Raffo (Federal Reserve Board), Lee Ohanian (UCLA), Richard Rogerson (Princeton University):

                           "Firing Costs and Labor Market Fluctuations: A Cross-Country Analysis"


10:45-11:00      Coffee Break


11:00-12:00     Rody Manuelli (Washington University in St. Louis):

                           "AIDS, Human Capital and Development"


12:00-1:30    Lunch    


Afternoon session:

1:30-2:30       German Cubas (University of Houston), B. Ravikumar (Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis)

                        Gustavo Ventura (Arizona State University):

                          "Talent, Labor Quality, and Economic Development"


2:30-3:30       Raul Santaeulalia (Washington University in St Louis):

                          “Labor Share Decline and the Capitalization of Intellectual Property


3:30-3:45      Coffee Break


3:45-4:45        Thien Nguyen (Ohio State University):

                           "Bank Capital Requirements: A Quantitative Analysis"



Thursday, May 21    

Morning session:

8:45-9:45       Feng Dong (Shanghai Jiaotong University), Pengfei Wang (HKUST),

                        Yi Wen (Federal Reserve Bank of ST. Louis and Tsinghua University):

                           "Credit Search and Credit Cycles"


9:45-10:45     Sebastian Dyrda (University of Minnesota):

                           "Fluctuations in Uncertainty, Efficient Borrowing Constraints and Firm Dynamics"


10:45-11:00     Coffee Break


11:00-12:00     Keynote Speech by Chris Sims (Princeton):

                           "Discrete Actions in Information-Constrained Decision Problems"

                          by Junehyuk Jung (Princeton), Jeong-Ho Kim (Princeton), Filip Matejka (Charles University),

                            Chris Sims (Princeton)


12:00-1:30    Lunch    


Afternoon session:

1:30-2:30       Toshihiko Mukoyama (University of Virginia), Latchezar Popov (University of Virginia):

                          "Industrialization and the Evolution of Enforcement Institutions"


2:30-3:30       Nicolas Crouzet (Northwestern University):

                          “Aggregate implications of corporate debt choices


3:30-4:00      Coffee Break


4:00-5:00        Keynote Speech by Harald Uhlig (University of Chicago):

                           "Financial Health Economics"

                          by Ralph S.J. Koijen (London Business School), Tomas J. Philipson (University of Chicago),

                           Harald Uhlig (University of Chicago)


6:00-8:00      Conference Dinner